Amanda Lee


Hey there! I’m Amanda Lee, the one-woman-show behind Lovely by Lee. I’m a teacher, knitwear designer, fiber dyer, wife and mom.

I’m a self-taught knitter, though it was introduced to my in my youth. My grandma had shown me countless times, and like many things, I just had to learn it in my own way. For most of my life, I have enjoyed creating and designing. I have a background in sewing and jewelry making, and I have alway taken much pride in making my own fashions. I began knitting in 2014, after my daughter was born. Using my prior sewing knowledge, I used to create my own designs and piece my summery, cotton tops together. After sharing my early designs, I was asked to share my patterns, and a new knitwear designer was born!

I’ve come a long way and learned many hard lessons on this journey. My goal is to make things a bit easier on newbie knitters and share my feminine and whimsical style in knits.

What I Do
  • Knitwear Design
  • Hand-Dye Fiber
  • Write Patterns
  • Knitting How-Tos

Life is magical, and I like to add a bit of magic to all of my makes, whether designing a knitting pattern or hand dyeing yarn. I’m inspired by nature, love and laughter.

Amanda Lee
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