We Are Knitters – How to Afford It

For years, I have admired the gorgeous and fluffy knits that litter my Instagram feed from @weareknitters.  The photos are always cozy, and the designs are modern and simple (which allows the yarn to be the star).  I was guilty of checking their website on every sale they promoted, convincing myself the still-expensive sale price was worth it. I’d fill up my cart and let it sit, but then the sale would be over.  So I would go without and pat myself on the back for not splurging.

It wasn’t until their recently new The Wool colors, Neon Yellow and Marshmallow, made their way onto the scene (and sold out within days). That’s when I lost all will power…and I am glad I did!

As quickly as my desired colors sold out at We Are Knitters, I was on the watch for when they were next available.  I promised myself that I would treat myself to an early Christmas gift when they were back in stock.  Neon Yellow became available first, and this gorgeous highlighter inspired wool is the brightest yarn I have ever seen.  I selected my favorite ‘The Wool’ pattern from their kits, which is the Surma Sweater, and decided I would be bold enough to pull off a sweater in this glowing yarn.  And since I was already splurging, I had to get their Gamma Sweater kit in The Wave Wool in Red too.

​​Holy moly!  I dropped all my knitting projects and household tasks to dive into these kits once they arrived.  The excitement of having a kit instead of purchasing my own yarn and designing was refreshing!

I fell in love, and WAK hooked me with their quality yarn and packaging. The patterns are simple, AMEN, and the kits have everything needed.  I am so in love with my sweaters, that I have since bought 4 more kits and various yarn packs.

So far, I have LOVED each of their yarns. The Meripaca is my favorite in softness, and it is machine washable. The Cotton is my ultimate go-to for knitting summer tops.  I still have a few of their newer yarns to try, and you bet I will! 

How do I afford all this yarn on a knit designer’s budget?  Well, We Are Knitters are full of perks after you make your first purchase (which I will help you save on as well, as I have a $12 off coupon code).  First trick, when WAK has a sale on their gift cards, BUY THEM FOR YOURSELF and use them when Weareknitters.com has a sale on their yarn/kits. That’s double the sale! Plus, your first purchase, you receive $12 off with a WAK friends coupon code (which mine is MGMGT7MUP).  It is amazing what you will save with the gift card strategy.

After your first purchase, you will be given an WAK friends code yourself.  Share it, and each time it is used, your receive $12 to apply to your next purchase (however, it won’t allow you to combine it with sales/promotions, but you may use it with a gift card).  

Skip the needles in the kits.  If you already have the knitting needle size needed in the kits, you may opt out of getting the needles in the kit.  This saves you $12 – and that’s off the promoted price, so that’s a nice surprise!  Buy in bulk, as their bulk bundles are 15-30% off.

If a kit is on sale, go for the larger size and receive an extra ball of yarn with their sale price!  You may not need it, but I have no doubt you’ll find great use for it. 

To summarize, don’t miss out on those gift card sales.  The gift cards may be used in combination with sales and WAK friends money. Promote your coupon code, of which I am guilty – but do you blame me?  Skip the needles and select the larger size in the knit kits for an extra skein of their luscious yarn!  

Promoting your coupon code, or just sharing your proud kit, is simple. Take a photo and share it on your social media with the #weareknitters, #[knit kit design] and #[yarn used].  Add your WAK friends code to the caption and watch as it begins to accumulate.  
When you first go to Weareknitters.com, you will be given a coupon code for $12 for signing up for their email….but you should really use a WAK friends coupon instead. Obviously, I receive a bonus when you use my code, and I really hope you do on your first purchase…as you will soon be receiving goodies too!

Save $12 on your first purchase with MGMGT7MUP. 
Questions on their yarn or kits?  While I can’t answer all of them, I will give an honest rating.

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Amanda Lee is the Knitting Pixie (designer, dyer, knitter and owner) behind Lovely by Lee.

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