Yarn Room Makeover

I have had my yarn/knitting business for 5 years. Since Lovely by Lee developed gradually, I never really created my own space for it. I had a yarn storage area, which was shared with our guest room. As for my mailers and knitting supplies, I had shelves for my packaging materials in our basement. My knitting bench (where I store my knitting needles and other notions) in our living room. Our printer and mail scale sat in a tiny office nook in our kitchen (depriving us of much needed counter space – but that’s another makeover). Pretty much, my knitting had taken over our house! So it was time to upgrade a barely-used room into my craft haven and business office for organization and efficiency…and I just completed it!

Before I include my before and after photos, I want to give an example of my yarn aerobics when filling an order or photographing my designs.

Before: BING! I received a notification that a yarn order had been placed. I walked upstairs to the guest bedroom to grab the yarn, swift and winder, headed back downstairs and placed the yarn on the kitchen counter. I set up the yarn swift and winder on the kitchen table. I caked the yarn and set it back on the table for packaging. Then I walked downstairs to the basement, and I grabbed the packaging materials off the shelves. I traveled back up to the main floor to the living room to grab my thank you notes, stitch marker and business card from my yarn bench. Back to the kitchen I went to retrieve my mail scale and print my shipping label and finally, completed my yarn order for shipping. As for photographing my designs for my patterns, I made several trips up to the guest room to retrieve my traveling photo studio materials back to the main floor (where I cleared a space to set up the backdrop stand, umbrella lights and camera tripod), set up all the pieces, take my photos, then I would take it all apart to store it again in the guest room.

While aerobics is an exaggeration, inefficiently a pain in the a$$ is correct. Now that my yarn room has been completed, photos and orders are a breeze!

After: BING! I had been notified that yarn has been purchased from my shop. I walked upstairs to the YARN ROOM. I gathered the yarn that was purchased and set it on my craft table which already has the winder and swift set up. I caked the yarn and turned around to gather ALL of my packaging materials (plastic protecter, thank you note, stitch marker, business card and mailer) to prepare my yarn for shipping. I weighed the package on the scale, which is also conveniently set on the craft table, and I printed my shipping label and set my package aside for mail pickup the next day. BOOM!

Easy-peasy and awesome!

Now for the design details of the room, as that’s what ya’ll are here to see. I have to admit that I didn’t get any photos of the room when it was the guest room. Only photos of the giant mess of beginning this project are provided.

First, I made a list of what I wanted/needed in my yarn room. I knew I needed a large section of the room to have my photo set up permanently. This would be a priority, as I loathed having to setup/take down this each time it was needed every couple of weeks. I would need a desk or shelf for the printer and packaging materials, shelves for the yarn, a spot for my knitting bench, a place to sit and knit, room/storage for my sewing machine, jewelry tool kit and Cricut and a table.

I emptied out the room storage closet and brought all my scattered materials to the room. It made a HUGE mess, but it helped me mentally organize my materials. My closet was then neatly arranged and holds extra yarn, my hand-dyed yarn, jewelry tool kit, Cricut Explorer Air and accessories and my sewing machine.

Before beginning to attempt to organize my mess, I needed the motivation. What motivated me? Designing a decor theme! This room would get to be all mine, and I wanted a boho and whimsical vibe that matched my business logo. I browsed online (thank you, COVID-19) to best piece together the perfect look. I found a perfect feather valance curtain, burlap arrow throw pillow covers on Amazon. I used the colors in the curtains and pillows to lead the rest of my color scheme and wallhangings. With the turquoise and gold being prominent (and being my logo colors), I decided to paint my shelves gold metallic and the sitting furniture a distressed aqua.

I chose this metallic gold spray paint for the shelves and card table. It was so easy to apply, and it dried in a couple hours. PERFECT! I even spray painted a picture frame, lamp base, wicker basket and curtain rod to match.

The bench and folding chair were painted with a gray chalk paint and layered with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence from Magpie Designs. I had used this paint on other decor in my home, and I knew it would brush on and distress easily.

After the paint had dried, I assembled the bookshelves and organized my yarn. This was an art project itself, as the displayed yarn chosen is the yarn that I wanted to see to feel inspired (my favorites being We Are Knitters, Lion Brand Yarn and my hand-dyed). I also selected colors based on the color palette of the room. All excess yarn was put into storage bins and neatly stacked in the closet.

I arranged all the furniture and went online to Hobby Lobby and find my wall decor. I browsed lake/mountain artwork, as scenic paintings bring me comfort and peace. I found this lovely lake canvas, which I thought was moody and beautiful. I then searched arrow decor (to match the pillows) and came across several goodies. I finally decided on these aqua and coral painted wooden arrows. Linked to the arrows was this stunning dream catcher (and I LOVE dream catchers). I had to get it to match my curtains and whimsy design. Lastly, I searched gold office decor and found this wall photo organizer. SOLD!

The final touches to my yarn room included items that are very special to me. One item being a wood-burned plaque that would allow me to clip one of my daughter’s school photos for each grade. It was handmade by a close friend, and it was a MUST for my new haven. I finally dragged out a hand-sewn quilt the I made for my senior project. My grandma had helped pick out my fabrics (and she also taught me how to sew). She had passed last summer, so the quilt is very sentimental. My grandma also had a porcelain carousel that I was obsessed with when I was a little girl. I placed this on top of my yarn shelf. My Outlander books needed to be front and center, so those were placed in my mini bookshelf by the rocking chair – duh. I found an extra votive candle holder, which were gifts from my wedding, and I placed a hand-painted egg from D. Steiny Tiny Paintings of Destin, Florida (where we used to visit my grandma and vacation) in it. So all my nostalgic and quirky items now have a spot.

Can you believe that closet is stacked with even more yarn?!

I set up my photography set against the back wall, which is where it will remain. My backdrop isn’t the prettiest, and it needs a good steam. However, its display is a reminder that I have my own YARN ROOM! Lovely by Lee is now more productive, organized and dream-worthy.

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Amanda Lee is the Knitting Pixie (designer, dyer, knitter and owner) behind Lovely by Lee.

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