Candy Corn CUTE Hat Knitting Pattern

Halloween is a favorite holiday to most in the United States! It is one of my personal favorites, but I’m not into the scary Halloween. I like CUTE Halloween. And what is cuter than candy corn?! Since the usual Halloween festivities aren’t going to be like previous years (thanks, COVID-19), I am celebrating the spooky season of 2020 by knitting all of the cute things.

Candy Corn CUTE Hat was one of my most popular makes, back when I sold my knit items. The hat is simple, festive and a QUICK knit. It looks adorable on all ages and people, too! I’d like to share one of my favorite (and easy) designs with you to celebrate a new Halloween with me, 2020 style.

The pattern is shared below for FREE! If you’d like a printable copy, find it here. (Warning – link will take you to Ravelry). Please favorite the pattern in return for the download. I appreciate it!

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Amanda Lee

Candy Corn CUTE Hat    ©Lovely by Lee

©Lovely by Lee – The Candy Corn CUTE Hat pattern may not be shared, sold or copied. Makings from  this pattern may be sold,but  please link the listing to and give credit to Lovely by Lee Designs.


Infant – 16-17” Child – 18-19” Adult S –  20-22” Adult L – 23-24”


~ 8 sts x 14 rows = 4” in Stockinette Stitch 


  • 30 yards of super bulky yarn (cat 6) C1
  • 30 yards of super bulky yarn (cat 6) C2
  • 30 yards of super bulky yarn (cat 6) C3
  • US 11/8mm 16” circular needles
  • US 15/10mm 16” circular needles*
  • US 15/20mm double pointed needles
  • BOR marker
  • Large eye blunt needle
  • 1 large pompom (optional)

*Or size needed to obtain gauge


~ – Approximately BOR – Beginning of Round C1 – Color 1 C2 – Color 2 C3 – Color 3 CO – Cast On DPN(s) – Double Pointed Needle(s) K – Knit K2tog – Knit 2 Together Rep – Repeat

Stitch Explanation

Knit 2 Together (K2tog) – A decrease stitch making 2 stitches 1, achieved by knitting through 2 stitches as if they were 1. 

Long Tail Cast On – Casting on using the tail, essentially creating a knit stitch, achieved by measuring out 3x the width of the garment, creating a slip knot, and using the tail and working yarn to create a row of knit stitches on the knitting needle. Please watch a tutorial if this is a new skill.

Single Rib Stitch – A stretchy stitch made of alternative knit and purl columns, achieved by knitting 1, purling 1, (K1, P1, K1, P1…etc). 

Stockinette Stitch – A basic stitch creating a flat side of fabric (pebbled on the back), achieved by knitting across one row, and purling on the next row (when knitting flat).


  • Read through the entire pattern.
  • Knit a gauge swatch in the round  using US 15/10mm needles in stockinette stitch before beginning the knit. Move up or down a needle size or change yarn if necessary. 
  • YouTube or Google unknown skills.
  • Recommended yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick



  • Choose different colors (maybe for a favorite sports team or to match outerwear). 
  • Skip the color-blocking and knit this in a single color. 


  • For a slouchier fit, add 2 extra rounds of each color (on C3, add rounds before decreasing).

Candy Corn CUTE Hat ©Lovely by Lee


Infant, Child, Adult S, Adult L

Note: Cast on loosely using Long Tail Cast On. Use US 11/8mm 16” circular needles. CO with C1. All sizes follow directions in black unless otherwise noted. 

CO 32 [36, 42, 48] sts, place BOR M and join in the round

Rounds 1-5: Work in Single Rib Stitch

Note: Transition to US 15/10mm 16” circular needles. 

Rounds 6-8 [-9, -11, -11]: Work in Stockinette

Note: Transition to C2.

 Rounds 9-17 [10-19, 12-23, 12-23]: Work in Stockinette

Note: Transition to C3.

Rounds 18-20 [20-24, 24-27, 24-27]: Work in Stockinette

Note: Begin to decrease.  Transition to DPNs when needed. 

Round 21 [25, 28, 28]: *K6 [4, 5, 6], K2tog, *Rep across round (28, 30, 36, 42 total sts)

Round 22 [26, 29, 29]: *K5 [3, 4, 5], K2tog, *Rep across round (24, 24, 30, 36 total sts)

Round 23 [27, 30, 30]: *K4 [2, 3, 4], K2tog, *Rep across round (20, 18, 24, 30 total sts)

Round 24 [28, 31, 31]: *K3 [1, 2, 3], K2tog, *Rep across round (16, 12, 18, 24 total sts)

Round 25 [29, 32, 32]: *K2 [0, 1, 2], K2tog, *Rep across round (12, 6, 12, 18 total sts)

Adult L only

Round 33: *K1, K2tog, *Rep across round (12 total sts)

Infant, Adult S, Adult L only

Round 26 [33, 34]: * K2tog, *Rep across round (6, 6, 6,  total sts)

Infant, Child, Adult S, Adult L

Note: Complete hat. 

Break yarn, leaving a 10” tail

Thread large eye blunt needle with tail, sew through remaining 6 sts clockwise (2x)

Pull tail tightly 

Add pompom (optional)

Secure and weave in ends

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