Why I Only Dye OOAK Yarns

I am often asked why I only dye one-of-a-kind (OOAK) colorways versus repeating my popular colors for my yarn to be purchased in bulk. My answer is simple. I am an artist…an artist that created a small business out of my art. This is different than creating a small business to creating art for that business.

While there are many perceptions and styles to define an artist, I have a personal view that art is unique and rare. What makes art special is having a piece that others aren’t easily able to obtain, or it’s a OOAK masterpiece.

My yarn is another creative outlet that provides a different kind of gratification than designing patterns. The gratification I receive when dyeing yarn is instant, and my process is more emotional than my logical approach to designing. I dye with different moods, various processes and spur-of-the-moment inspiration. It fulfills a different artistic of mine.

Spring Fog – Shop Here http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelybylee

So…if I only do OOAK colorways, how can I advertise them and share samples? Well, I just don’t. I do dye sweater quantity of each colorway on each base for those wanting large projects with my yarn. However, colors sell quickly (as that’s the point), and sometimes the large sweater quantity that I dye quickly dwindles down to 1 or 2 skeins. That’s okay! There will always be more yarn, in different but sometimes similar colors. Some of my loyal friends that shop my yarn often know to grab it up right away! (A huge thank you to all that support me and buy my yarn; it is necessary to share how much it means to me before I continue on).

Do I take custom orders? Yes! However, I warn right away that my interpretation may not identically match what is expected. I try to do my best with colors and expectations, BUT I still dye with my intent and perception of what is requested.

Above I mentioned that dyeing yarn is a different artistic outlet than the designing of my patterns. Absolutely! Both are authentically representations of my intentional inspirations, but I dye with my inner magic and intuition. My colorway inspirations are anything that has given me a feeling or a longing. They’re often on the spot, and it is freeing to dye this way. That is the purpose of art, correct? Regardless of the colors I create, they’re dyed with love and passion. I put a big of that “magic” into my whimsical yarns, and I hope those that receive it will feel it.

Mimosa – Shop Here http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelybylee

Where can my yarn be purchased? I sell online and in store. Online, I start with a “first dibs” sneak peak on my Instagram stories. I tease my new colorways for a few days, letting my audience know they are for sale during this time. Many will direct message me, and we make a transaction. What doesn’t sell through my sneak peek is listed in my online shop or put in a sweet local yarn shop, Swanky Mountain Wyoming.

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Amanda Lee is the Knitting Pixie (designer, dyer, knitter and owner) behind Lovely by Lee.

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