Why I Only Dye OOAK Yarns

I am often asked why I only dye one-of-a-kind (OOAK) colorways versus repeating my popular colors for my yarn to be purchased in bulk. My answer is simple. I am an artist…an artist that created a small business out of my art. This is different than creating a small business to creating art for thatContinue reading “Why I Only Dye OOAK Yarns”


Enter the Lovely by Lee KAL GIVEAWAY (7/13/2020-9/30/2020)!

Yarn Room Makeover

I have had my yarn/knitting business for 5 years. Since Lovely by Lee developed gradually, I never really created my own space for it. I had a yarn storage area, which was shared with our guest room. As for my mailers and knitting supplies, I had shelves for my packaging materials in our basement. MyContinue reading “Yarn Room Makeover”

Fairy Dust: Hand Dyeing and Speckling Variegated Cotton Yarn

Dyeing yarn is therapeutic, and it can be done in your kitchen!  I have experimented with several dyes and fiber bases.  I have learned which dyes pair best with with base, and I have some tricks for pigment and ease.  Today’s project was dyeing 100% pima cotton yarn.  I used RIT Dye and Tulip Dye,Continue reading “Fairy Dust: Hand Dyeing and Speckling Variegated Cotton Yarn”

About Me

My name is Amanda Lee. I am a teacher, knitwear designer, yarn dyer, wife and mom. I wear many hats, but don’t we all? I am a Wyoming native, and I am not kidding, I am often asked, “…and in which state is that?” Well, for those needing a geography refresher, Wyoming is a mid-northwestContinue reading “About Me”